How I Cleaned My Microfiber Couch

This is our couch. The dogs, while cute, have taken it over and made it disgusting.



Drool, chew toys, mud, god-knows-what-else from their furry little bodies have left dirt and rings all over it.

On a mission to clean it so we didn’t have to relegate it to the dogs’ basement room just yet, I found this brilliant idea from One Good Thing. The secret to cleaning a micro fiber couch is rubbing alcohol!

You need: rubbing alcohol (I bought a big bottle for about $1.29), a spray bottle, a soft bristle brush (and maybe a firmer bristle brush – see below), and a sponge (choose a light colored one, or one that is similar in color to your couch so that you’re not transferring a blue sponge color onto your white couch).

Working in small sections because the alcohol dries quickly, spray the alcohol liberally onto the couch and start your bicep workout – um, I mean use your sponge to scrub and soak up the dirt. Here’s the first section I did and the sponge after just a couple of passes. Gross.


Be careful not to rinse out your sponge and then use it on your couch while it’s still damp. That’s what causes the rings. Alcohol only is the key here. I went through a 3-pack of new sponges.

After doing the entire couch and letting it dry, I noticed that some of the rings were still there.


Here’s how I got rid of those.  I used a clean, new kitchen brush with a slightly firm bristle. I sprayed a small section at a time where the rings were – really got it wet with the alcohol – and scrubbed with the brush. Voila!


Looking so much better!


Now just take your big, soft bristled brush and re-soften up the microfiber. (Look in the car cleaning section of the store for a good brush).



The culprits:




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