bird1Who am I? Well, depends on which moment you catch me. I’m a mother – with a baby girl under 1 (my sweet little angel bird) and a teenage boy (my sweet, not-so-little bunny). I’m a wife, an artist, a crafter, a marketing professional, a graphic designer, and… well just lots of things.  Generally, a lover of pretty things.

I’m hoping to share my inspiration, as well as to gain inspiration from you!

My life has always centered around art. As a kid, I would entertain myself for hours drawing, and art was always my favorite subject. I entered college as a studio art major… which eventually evolved into a business degree.  For many years, I managed the three gallery spaces and large permanent art collection of my small women’s college.  From there also grew a love of graphic design and marketing.

I’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by the creative type. My mom and sisters are artists and crafters.  Working in the university art department, I was always learning some intriguing piece of art history as well as seeing new creativity sparking in young artists.  I was able to get a broad view of the multitudes of media in which one can express oneself.

Be it simple crafting or highly technical fine art, my goal here is to highlight the many art forms that inspire and affect me.

Oh, and to just have fun!



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