Flowers That May Brought

Well, May is almost over. What a glorious month. The sun came out. The sky rained. The flowers bloomed – and I collected some some for you!

Margaret Berg has been exceptionally successful in grabbing attention with her colorful watercolor designs.  Her illustrations have been translated onto cards, tableware, phone cases, linens, packaging, and on and on.

Aleks Gusakov combines text, illustration and graphic design techniques to create an interesting 3-D effect.

Anne Ten Donkelaar creates these delicately beautiful 3D collages from pressed flowers and cutout images.  Go see more of her work, please.

Flower construction #52 (w:120 h:80 d:6.5 cm)

Angie Lewin combines her printmaking skill with her study of horticulture to create a magical natural world. Love, love, love this work. She’s also been featured in a book that showcases her work and process.

Green Meadow - linocut print by Angie Lewin - printmaker


In Bloom

Well, hello color!
It’s 82 degrees today – weren’t we just snowed in a few days ago? Color is blooming everywhere and I love it. The only thing on my mind today was getting out in the warm sunshine with the baby. Not much else got done, but I’m ok with that. The one thing though… I need to remember to stock up on allergy medicine. Achoo!

Sharing a few photos from today. Now go outside!

IMG_3835 (Medium)

IMG_3828 (Medium)



IMG_3836 (Medium)