Flowers That May Brought

Well, May is almost over. What a glorious month. The sun came out. The sky rained. The flowers bloomed – and I collected some some for you!

Margaret Berg has been exceptionally successful in grabbing attention with her colorful watercolor designs.  Her illustrations have been translated onto cards, tableware, phone cases, linens, packaging, and on and on.

Aleks Gusakov combines text, illustration and graphic design techniques to create an interesting 3-D effect.

Anne Ten Donkelaar creates these delicately beautiful 3D collages from pressed flowers and cutout images.  Go see more of her work, please.

Flower construction #52 (w:120 h:80 d:6.5 cm)

Angie Lewin combines her printmaking skill with her study of horticulture to create a magical natural world. Love, love, love this work. She’s also been featured in a book that showcases her work and process.

Green Meadow - linocut print by Angie Lewin - printmaker


Color Inspiration – Glacier Gray and Custard Yellow

Two of Pantone’s colors for Spring 2015, Glacier Gray and Custard Yellow are speaking to me right now.  I think this color combo might be the answer to how to spruce up the decor in my home. Sharing some inspiration with you, in case you agree!



How fresh does this room look? I love the graphic details and the pops of yellow.

Pale grey living room with yellow fireplace

Found on House to Home, where you can also find where to shop the look for yourself.

The colors are neutral enough to add any pop of color, such as my favorite, Turquoise!


I love this room. Aaaaaand, there are birds. From Apartment Therapy.

Or with my other favorite color, Coral!

Find this, along with some other inspirational color combos at HGTV.

 I like the big, bold pattern on this rug, from Wayfair.



Well, hi there stranger. It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Trying to balance this whole family-baby-work-fun-life thing.

But it’s spring, and things are alive outside! Trees blooming. Storms raging. Bugs buzzing. Thought I’d post a few interesting bug-inspired pieces for you to admire!

You’ve probably seen her work before, but Kari Herer takes gorgeous photographs of botanicals. Here, she combines insect illustration with flowers in such a beautiful way. Find her work on etsy, here.


Edouard Martinet turns found objects into incredible mechanical insects. “Wasp” below uses objects such as bike headlights, typewriter bells, and boot steel tips.


Ingrid Dijkers is an artist and art journal maker. Very creative and fun work. Her website has some video tutorials, and she also leads workshops around the country.

butterfly - Ingrid Dijkers - love the way the butterfly wings are added as pages in this mini album!

Drooling over Laura Zindel‘s nature-inspired designs. Illustrations of the natural world translated onto ceramics, textiles, and jewelry. Just lovely.

Image 1


Tissue Paper Easter Eggs

Here is a quickie DIY for your Easter basket – tissue paper-decorated eggs.

You need:

Tissue paper – I had some cute paper from a gift bag.
White glue or Mod Podge
A brush – I just used a cheapie foam brush.
And eggs. This could work with either real eggs or plastic. I used plastic.


Cute Egg Tester optional.DSC_0536 (Large) - Copy

Cut out the shapes you like from the paper.DSC_0525 (Large) - Copy

If you’re using white glue, mix with a bit of water to thin it out. I used about 1 part water and 2 parts glue.DSC_0538 (Large) - Copy

Cover the back of your piece of paper with the glue, stick it on the egg where you like it, then put another coat on top. Easy peasy.DSC_0541 (Large) DSC_0540 (Large)

Here are some drying.  DSC_0542 (Large)

Don’t worry about not covering up the opening in the plastic eggs. Just take a sharp blade and re-slice open when you’re all dry.DSC_0543 (Large)

Just a little bit of cuteness to the egg basket. Now if there is any chocolate left by this weekend, I’ll fill them up!

PS – Instead of that messy easter grass, try using a colorful scrap of cloth in the bottom of the basket!

How I Cleaned My Microfiber Couch

This is our couch. The dogs, while cute, have taken it over and made it disgusting.



Drool, chew toys, mud, god-knows-what-else from their furry little bodies have left dirt and rings all over it.

On a mission to clean it so we didn’t have to relegate it to the dogs’ basement room just yet, I found this brilliant idea from One Good Thing. The secret to cleaning a micro fiber couch is rubbing alcohol!

You need: rubbing alcohol (I bought a big bottle for about $1.29), a spray bottle, a soft bristle brush (and maybe a firmer bristle brush – see below), and a sponge (choose a light colored one, or one that is similar in color to your couch so that you’re not transferring a blue sponge color onto your white couch).

Working in small sections because the alcohol dries quickly, spray the alcohol liberally onto the couch and start your bicep workout – um, I mean use your sponge to scrub and soak up the dirt. Here’s the first section I did and the sponge after just a couple of passes. Gross.


Be careful not to rinse out your sponge and then use it on your couch while it’s still damp. That’s what causes the rings. Alcohol only is the key here. I went through a 3-pack of new sponges.

After doing the entire couch and letting it dry, I noticed that some of the rings were still there.


Here’s how I got rid of those.  I used a clean, new kitchen brush with a slightly firm bristle. I sprayed a small section at a time where the rings were – really got it wet with the alcohol – and scrubbed with the brush. Voila!


Looking so much better!


Now just take your big, soft bristled brush and re-soften up the microfiber. (Look in the car cleaning section of the store for a good brush).



The culprits:



Wickedly Delicious Deviled Eggs

Who doesn’t love deviled eggs? Yumm!  Even when I was a vegetarian and not eating eggs, I craved these little suckers.

Easter’s coming and I’m starting to think about food.. yes, every holiday gives me an excuse to think about food.  A sweet and salty ham, some roasted asparagus maybe, and of course deviled eggs.  I’ve seen so many interesting takes on them, but I always revert to the original — mustard, mayo, pickles. Is that a Southern thing?

Maybe it’s time to spice it up a bit!  Here are a few recipes I’ve found that look delicious enough to try with even the pickiest folks at home.  If you have a favorite recipe, let me know!


Everything’s better with bacon! Bacon Jalepeno Deviled Eggs from Real Housemoms.

Bacon Jalapeno Deviled Eggs 2


I love me some buffalo and blue cheese! Gonna try these Buffalo Chicken Deviled Eggs from Closet Cooking.

Buffalo Chicken Deviled Eggs


It’s like guacamole in an egg. Hooray! Avocado Deviled Eggs from Cakes Cottage.



Crab Rangoon Deviled Eggs from i am a food blog.  I bet they’d be delicious with some crunchy fried wonton pieces on top.

crab rangoon deviled egg recipe -


And more bacon. This time with shrimp! Also, she uses instant potato flakes. That’s a new one for me. I’ll have to try these Shrimp and Bacon Stuffed Deviled Eggs from Melanie Makes.

Shrimp and Bacon Stuffed Deviled Eggs | Melanie Makes


Want more? Here’s 50 Deviled Egg Recipes from Taste and Tell.

I’m so hungry now…

Visit Me on Etsy!

Good morning. It was a beautiful day yesterday, so little bird and I took some time to enjoy it! Today is drizzly and overcast, so working indoors it is.

I wanted to invite you to visit me on Etsy.  Cutie pie baby headbands, embroidered linen tea towels, and embroidered postcards are in stock at the moment.

Lace Headband with Fuschia Flowers, Ribbon, Rhinestone Brooch

Embroidered Linen Tea Towel Set of Two - Fuchsia Flowers

Postcard with Geometric Embroidery - Yellow and Gray Bird on Pink Clover with Pink Stitching

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